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Lucia Borsellino, Councillor of Health of Sicily Region, visited the NIHMP

La Dott.ssa Lucia Borsellino, Assessore alla Sanità della Regione Sicilia, in visita presso l’INMP

On June 11th, 2013 Lucia Borsellino, Councillor of Health of Sicily Region, paid a visit to Concetta Mirisola, Director of the National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty (NIHMP) in Rome. At the meeting also participated Paola Longo, NIHMP Administrative Director, Roberto Testa, NIHMP Medical Director, and Livia Turco, President of the NIHMP Guiding Council.

The meeting started a common work on the evaluation and diffusion of intervention modalities for allowing the health service to control economic, social and cultural inequalities affecting the health of people. The meeting focused on the creation and strengthening of shared strategies for facing the emergency of landing migrants, that has already involved the regional centres Institute, and for developing a local network based on the NIHMP model. The aim is to plan a common and nationally transferable approach model and to face the current crisis which increases discomfort and poverty, particularly in urban areas.

The visit of Lucia Borsellino was an important occasion for the Institute staff and for presenting the NIHMP national headquarters. She visited the Institute outpatient department and observed the activities of reception, research and treatment aimed at combating social and health care inequalities. The specialist services of the NIHMP follows a holistic, transcultural and transdisciplinary approach considering physical and psychological health as well as social, economic and cultural aspects as a whole to be cared of. The ever-growing commitment of the NIHMP has increased over the years and has been recently enriched by the introduction of new social medicine services.


La Dott.ssa Lucia Borsellino, la Dr.ssa Concetta Mirisola, la Dott.ssa Livia Turco e il Dr. Roberto Testa