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“Report on the health of refugees and migrants in the WHO European Region” - Official presentation in Rome

The Italian Ministry of Health and the National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty (INMP), together with the World Health Organization, presented the “Report on the health of refugees and migrants in the WHO European Region”, on May 6, 2019, in Rome, Lungotevere Ripa n 1.

The meeting was opened by the speech of the Minister of Health, Giulia Grillo; then, Concetta Mirisola, General Director of INMP, Piroska Östlin, Deputy Regional Director of WHO/Europe, Santino Severoni, Director of the WHO/Europe Division of Health Systems and Public Health and health coordinator for public health and migration, and Gianfranco Costanzo, INMP Health Director, also took the floor.

At the conference, the WHO announced the appointment of the INMP as Collaborating Center on Health and Migration Evidence and Capacity Building. This recognition came after a long and fruitful collaboration of the Institute with the WHO Regional Office for Europe, in Copenhagen. The report is one of the most qualified and relevant scientific products of this collaboration.

The report, in fact, is the first of its kind as it provides a snapshot of the health of refugees and migrants in the WHO European Region on the basis of scientific evidence, and, at the same time, provides responses which can be put in place by the different national health systems. The document, produced by the WHO “Migration and Health Program”, with the scientific contribution and financial support of the INMP, was presented for the first time in January 2019 in Geneva, at the WHO headquarters. Then, it was presented in some countries of the WHO European Region, in order to facilitate its dissemination.

The presentation is available in streaming at the following link