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Training for the improvement of social and health care intervention skills 

Following its mission and vision, the NIHMP is committed to designing and implementing national and international multidisciplinary training programs. The courses, designed to develop the appropriate competencies for social and health professionals, are in line with the Institute’s model of assistance to migrants and vulnerable groups. Transcultural mediation is crucial to the Institute’s training activities, and one of the main objectives is to raise awareness on the role, competencies and potentialities of cultural mediators in the health care setting. At the same time, the courses focus on training new transcultural mediators specifically qualified to work in the health field. Transcultural and migration medicine, access to social and health services, transdisciplinary care, maternal and child health, governance and health policies are also main training areas of interest of the Institute. Both face-to-face and distance learning are implemented, and the latter is provided through an institutional e-learning platform. Furthermore, since 2011 the Institute is a CME provider allowed to issue CME certificates to health care professionals.