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Impoverishment and Poverty. Life experiences and services in Rome and Turin

Aldo Morrone, Monica Reynaudo (edited by)

Impoverimento e povertà - Percorsi di vita e servizi a Roma e Torino

Data on impoverishment and poverty are important for describing a situation, but they are more and more perceived as a partial interpretation of that social, psychological, political, cultural and economic precariousness that causes vulnerability.
In this publication, service operators looked for what is behind indexes and thresholds and which everyday experiences are behind commonplaces such as “families have difficulty reaching the end of the month”, “immigrants live better than us citizens” or “the homeless chose to live on the streets”. The proposed research has the objective to study in depth poverty and impoverishment by including in the analysis also those population groups affected or threatened by social exclusion that use health promotion services. It was also investigated the role of the services that receive and support those people and pay daily attention to their experience.

This publication was produced in the framework of the project “Il posto delle Storie. Pilot project for the analysis of impoverishment based on the experience of people met in first reception services of Turin and of the NIHMP (Rome)”. The project was implemented by Gruppo Abele and by the NIHMP Homeless Service thanks to the contribution of the NIHMP-Rome.