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"Waiting for the Cancun Conference: with the feet on the Earth": Latin-American cinema at the NIHMP

"Aspettando Cancún: con i piedi per Terra"

"Waiting for the Cancun Conference: with the feet on the Earth" is an event organised by the NIHMP in collaboration with the cultural association “Nuovi Orizzonti Latini”. The event includes cinema, debates, food and music and was organised on the occasion of the 16th UN “Conference of the Parties”, also known as Cop-16, that will deal with climate change and will be held from November 30th to December 10th in Cancun. As it happened in Copenhagen, central issues will be emissions and the definition of who, how, where and how much will be allowed to produce energy.
At the same time, all those movements that met at first in Copenhagen and then in Cochabamba (where the Peoples' World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, organised by the Bolivian President Evo Morales, was held on April), will be in Cancun to propose alternative solutions to the crisis, based on the American Indians' culture.
In this framework, the environmental and climatic situation of Latin American countries will be presented through films, documentaries and short films from Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela presenting some of the problems affecting those countries or their ethnic groups.
The film selection followed a double approach: on the one hand Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and Ecuador represent the world’s richest biodiversity countries; on the other hand it was stressed the importance of the Latin American digital film production as an example of democracy for the rest of the world.
Each film showing will be followed by debates and meeting with experts in environment, scientists and film directors.
Our approach is inspired by the ‘Buen Vivir’, based on the concept of Mother Hearth (Pachamama) and on deep respect and gratitude towards the Earth; it conceives human beings as part of an harmonic system and not mere exploiters of natural resources. The proposed films show the meaning of living in harmony with nature and with the community.
The event also provides food and Latin American music: there will be delicious dishes from Latin America and, thanks to the Bolivian Embassy, Andean music.
The appointment is on Thursday 25th at the “Casa del Cinema”, V. Marcello Mastroianni, 1 - Villa Borghese and from 26 to 28 November at the NIHMP Conference Hall, Via di San Gallicano, 25/a – Trastevere from 7.00 pm.